Charly Antolini ‎– In the Groove (1972)

In the Groove is an album by Swiss jazz drummer Charly Antolini, released in 1972 on MPS.

A1. “Jesus Christ Superstar” (7:26)
A2. “Handicraft” (5:06)
A3. “Punching Ball” (5:48)
A4. “Gringo Domingo” (2:50)
B1. “Scratches” (6:18)
B2. “Y Luego” (6:38)
B3. “Skiny” (6:28)
B4. “Gemma Ham” (1:59)

Charly Antolini — drums
Heinz von Hermann — saxophone, flute
Herman Schoonderwalt — baritone saxophone
Ack van Rooyen — trumpet, fluegelhorn
Dusko Goykovich — trumpet
Rudi Füssers — trombone
Siegfried Schwab — guitar
Armin Rusch — piano, organ
Jean Warland — bass
Bernie Prock — percussion

Willi Fruth — producer, recording engineer
Holger Scheuermann — recording engineer

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