Charles Earland ‎– Leaving This Planet (1974)

Leaving This Planet is an album by American jazz-funk organist Charles Earland, released in 1974 on Prestige.

A1. “Leaving This Planet” (7:29)
A2. “Red Clay” (7:05)
A3. “Warp Factor” (6:18)
B1. “Brown Eyes” (11:45)
B2. “Asteroid” (6:40)
C1. “Mason’s Galaxy” (7:17)
C2. “No Me Esqueca” (7:41)
C3. “Tyner” (6:03)
D1. “Van Jay” (8:36)
D2. “Never Ending Melody” (9:45)

Charles Earland — organ, synthesizer, producer, Clavinet, soprano saxophone, electric piano
Freddie Hubbard — trumpet, flugelhorn
Joe Henderson — tenor saxophone
Dave Hubbard — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Mark Elf — guitar
Patrick Gleeson — synthesizer
Larry Killian — percussion
Rudy Copeland — vocals
Eddie Harris — recording engineer
Orrin Keepnews — producer
Eddie Henderson — trumpet
Eddie Arkin — guitar
Greg Crockett — guitar
Harvey Mason — drums
Brian Brake — drums

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