Charanjit Singh ‎– Synthesizing – Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat (1982)

Synthesizing – Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat is an album by East Indian keyboardist/composer Charanjit Singh, released in 1982 on HMV. Musically, the album fuses Hindu melodies with contemporary western electro-disco arrangements.

A1. “Raga: Bhairavi
A2. “Raga: Lalit
A3. “Raga: Bhupali
A4. “Raga: Todi
A5. “Raga: Madhuvanti
B1. “Raga: Meghmalhar
B2. “Raga: Yaman
B3. “Raga: Kalavati
B4. “Raga: Malkauns
B5. “Raga: Bairagi

Composed By, Synthesizer – Charanjit Singh

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