Chapman-Whitney ‎– Streetwalkers (1974)

Streetwalkers is a collaborative effort between Family alumni Roger Chapman and John Charlie Whitney, released in 1974 on Reprise. The title inspired the name of the pair’s subsequent band, which would ultimately release three albums between 1975 and 1977 on Vertigo/Mercury.

A1. “Parisienne High Heels” (4:04)
A2. “Roxianna” (3:46)
A3. “Systematic Stealth” (2:24)
A4. “Call Ya” (6:32)
A5. “Creature Feature” (4:14)
B1. “Sue and Betty Jean” (5:08)
B2. “Showbiz Joe” (4:07)
B3. “Just Four Men” (2:50)
B4. “Tokyo Rose” (2:26)
B5. “Hangman” (4:44)

Boz Burrell — backing vocals
Roger Chapman — vocals, percussion
Jim Cregan — backing vocals
Mike Giles — drums
Rick Grech — bass
Tim Hinkley — keyboards, backing vocals
Neil Hubbard — guitar
Linda Lewis — vocals
Godfrey McLean — congas
Max Middleton — keyboards
Poli Palmer — vibraphone
Ian Wallace — drums
John Wetton — bass, backing vocals
Charlie Whitney — producer

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