Celeste – Celeste (1976)

Celeste is an album by the Italian pastoral combo of the same name, released in 1976 on Grog Records. Reissues of the album have alternately bore the title Principe di un Giorno.

A1. “Principe di un giorno” (6:12)
A2. “Favole antiche” (8:18 — :01–3:02 | 6:15–8:15)
A3. “Eftus” (4:19)
B1. “Giochi nella notte” (8:11 — :01–5:55 | 6:00–8:10)
B2. “La grande isola” (5:04)
B3. “La danza del fato” (3:58)
B4. “L’imbroglio” (1:07)

Bass, Pedal Steel Guitar, Xylophone, Chorus – Giorgio Battaglia
Guitar, Violin, Chorus – Mariano Schiavolini
Percussion, Flute, Flute [Flauto Dolce], Vocals, Chorus, Xylophone – Ciro Perrino
Piano [Acoustic], Electric Piano, Flute, Synthesizer [ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, Eminent], Mellotron, Saxophone [Contralto], Tenor Saxophone, Chorus – Leonardo Lagorio

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