Catherine Howe ‎– What a Beautiful Place (1971)

What a Beautiful Place is the debut album by English singer/songwriter Catherine Howe, released in 1971 on Pye-subsidiary Reflection.

A1. “Prologue” (0:47)
A2. “Up North” (4:06)
A3. “On A Misty Morning” (2:34)
A4. “Nothing More Than Strangers” (2:10)
A5. “My Child” (2:36)
A6. “Interlude” (0:45)
A7. “It’s Not Likely” (3:52)
B1. “Words Through a Locked Door” (3:49)
B2. “What a Beautiful Place” (2:32)
B3. “The Innocence of a Child” (3:43)
B4. “It Comes with the Breezes” (3:28)
B5. “Epilogue” (0:51)

CD bonus track:
13. “In the Hot Summer” (2:57)

Catherine Howe — vocal, harp
Bobby Scott — piano, keyboard
Lance D’Owen — guitar
Mike Ward — bass
Stan Gorman — drums
London Symphony Orchestra — orchestra

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