Catalyst – Unity (1974)

Unity is the third album by American jazz-funk/post-bop quartet Catalyst, released in 1974 on Muse.

A1. “A Country Song” (6:20)
A2. “Little Miss Lady” (4:53)
A3. “Maze” (5:17)
B1. “Athene” (5:27)
B2. “Mail Order” (6:12)
B3. “Shorter Street” (3:53)

Bass – Zuri Tyrone Brown
Drums, Percussion – Onaje Sherman Ferguson
Electric Piano – Sanifu Eddie Green
Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Mwalimu Odean Pope

Flute – Connie Hamilton, Shirley Byrne Brown, Steve Tanzer
Percussion – Jabali Billy Hart
Violin – Gail Murdaugh
Violin, Soloist – John Blake
Bass – Alphonso Johnson (A1)

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