Carpe Diem ‎– Cueille le Jour (1976)

Cueille le Jour is the second of two albums by French space-rock band Carpe Diem, released in 1976 on Crypto.

A1. “Naissance” (3:23)
A2. “Laure” (2:44)
A3. “Le miracle de la Saint-Gaston” (3:38)
A4. “Tramontane” (3:37 )
A5. “Divertimento” (3:56 )
B. “Couleurs” (21:38)
— Phase noire : Premiers Pas
— Phase orange : La traversee des sables
— Phase verte : Dernier village… Premieres neiges
— Phase violette : Rencontre
— Phase blanche : Les portes du silence

Gilbert Abbenanti — guitar
Christian Truchi — organ, synthesizer, piano, vocal
Claude-Marius David — soprano saxophone, flute, percussion
Alain Bergé — bass
Alain Faraut — drums, percussion

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