Carmen – Fandangos in Space (1973)

Fandangos in Space is the first of three albums by Californian flamenco/art-rock ensemble Carmen, released in 1973 on Regal Zonophone.

A1. “Bulerias” (5:10)
—i. Cante
—ii. Baile
—iii. Reprise
A2. “Bullfight” (4:06)
A3. “Stepping Stone” (3:45)
A4. “Sailor Song” (4:07)
A5. “Lonely House” (3:54)
B1. “Por Tarantos” (1:40)
B2. “Looking Outside (My Window)” (7:10)
—i. Theme
—ii. Zorongo
—iii. Finale
B3. “Tales of Spain” (5:10)
B4. “Retirando” (2:07)
B5. “Fandangos in Space” (4:23)
B6. “Reprise – Finale” (2:52)

David Allen — vocals, electric guitar, flamenco guitar
Roberto Amaral — vocals, vibraphone, castanets
Angela Allen — vocals, Mellotron, synthesizer
John Glascock — vocals, bass, bass pedals
Paul Fenton — drums, percussion

Tony Visconti — producer, engineer
John Kongos — engineer

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