Carlos Garnett – Cosmos Nucleus (1976)

Cosmos Nucleus is a Latin-jazz/funk album by Panamanian saxophonist Carlos Garnett, released in 1976 on Muse.

A1. “Saxy” (5:27)
A2. “Cosmos Nucleus” (12:22)
A3. “Wise Old Men” (5:23)
B1. “Mystery of Ages” (7:12)
B2. “Kafira” (7:34)
B3. “Bed-Stuy Blues” (8:19)

Carlos Garnett — producer, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, ukelele, vocals
Al Brown — alto saxophone
Charles Dougherty — alto saxophone
Robert Wright — alto saxophone
Cecil McBee, Jr. — bass
Gene Ballard — bongos, percussion
Neil Clarke — congas, percussion
Byron Benbow — drums
Kenny Kirkland — electric piano
Otis McCleary — guitar
Carlos Chambers — baritone saxophone, ukelele
Akum Ra Amen-Ra — tenor saxophone
Randy Gilmore — tenor saxophone
Yah Ya — tenor saxophone
Zane Massey — tenor saxophone
Andrew Washington — trombone
Clifton Anderson — trombone
James Stowe — trombone
Abdul Malik — trumpet
Angel Fernández — trumpet
Cyril Greene — trumpet
Preston Holas — trumpet
Quentin Lowther — trumpet
Roy Campbell, Jr. — trumpet
Wayne Cobham — trumpet
Cheryl P. Alexander — vocals
Tom Foy — engineer

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