Caravan ‎– For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night (1973)

For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night is the fifth album by English symphonic/jazz-pop band Caravan, released in 1973 on Deram/London.

A1. “Memory Lain, Hugh” (5:00)
A2. “Headloss” (4:19)
A3. “Hoedown” (3:10)
A4. “Surprise, Surprise” (3:45)
A5. “C’Thlu Thlu” (6:10)
B1. “The Dog, the Dog, He’s at It Again” (5:53)
B2. “Be All Right / Chance of a Lifetime” (6:38)
B3. “L’auberge du sanglier / A Hunting We Shall Go / Pengola / Backwards / A Hunting Shall We Go (Reprise)” (9:46)

Richard Coughlan — drums, percussion, timpani
Pye Hastings — guitar, vocals
John G. Perry — bass guitar, vocals, percussion
Peter Geoffrey Richardson —viola
Dave Sinclair — organ, piano, electric piano, synthesizer

David Hitchcock — producer
Jimmy Hastings — brass arrangements, conductor, flute
Tony Coe — clarinet, tenor saxophone
Tommy Whittle — clarinet, tenor saxophone
Harry Klein — clarinet, baritone saxophone
Pete King — flute, alto saxophone
Barry Robinson — flute, piccolo
Henry Lowther — trumpet
Chris Pyne — trombone
Rupert Hine — synthesizer
Frank Ricotti — congas
Paul Buckmaster — electric cello
Martyn Ford — orchestral arrangements, conductor
John Bell — orchestral arrangements

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