Candi Staton – Stand by Your Man (1970)

Stand by Your Man is the second album by American soul singer Candi Staton, released in December 1970 on FAME Records.

A1. Stand by Your Man (2:53)
A2. How Can I Put Out the Flame? (3:10)
A3. I’m Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin’) (3:08)
A4. Mr. and Mrs. Untrue (3:26)
A5. Too Hurt to Cry (2:53)
B1. He Called Me Baby (2:47)
B2. Sweet Feeling (2:42)
B3. To Hear You Say You’re Mine (3:06)
B4. What Would Become of Me (2:45)
B5. Freedom Is Just Beyond the Door (2:47)


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