Camel ‎– The Snow Goose (1975)

The Snow Goose is the third album by English space-rock/jazz-rock combo Camel, released in 1975 on Decca/Passport.

A1. “The Great Marsh” (2:03)
A2. “Rhayader” (3:01)
A3. “Rhayader Goes to Town” (5:20)
A4. “Sanctuary” (1:05)
A5. “Fritha” (1:19)
A6. “The Snow Goose” (3:11)
A7. “Friendship” (1:43)
A8. “Migration” (2:02)
A9. “Rhayader Alone” (1:50)
B1. “Flight of the Snow Goose” (2:40)
B2. “Preparation” (3:53)
B3. “Dunkirk” (5:25)
B4. “Epitaph” (2:07)
B5. “Fritha Alone” (1:39)
B6. “La Princesse Perdue” (4:45)
B7. “The Great Marsh” (1:23)

Peter Bardens — organ, Minimoog, electric piano, piano, pipe organ, ARP Solina string synthesizer, writer
Andy Latimer — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, flute, vocals, writer
Andy Ward — drums, vibraphone, percussion
Doug Ferguson — bass

David Bedford — conductor, orchestral arrangements
London Symphony Orchestra — orchestra
David Hitchcock — producer
Rhett Davies — engineer, mixing

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