Calvin Keys – Proceed With Caution! (1974)

Proceed With Caution! is the second album by American jazz-funk guitarist Calvin Keys, released in 1974 on Black Jazz.

A1. “Proceed with Caution” (12:44)
A2. “Tradewinds” (4:30)
A3. “Efflugence” (8:05)
B1. “Aunt Lovey” (7:30)
B2. “Renaissance” (11:30)
B3. “Night Cry” (4:46)

Bass – Nyimbo Henry Franklin
Drums – Ndugu Leon Chancelor
Electric Piano – Thalmus Kirk Lightsey
Flute – Charles Owens
Leader, Guitar – Ajafika Calvin Keys
Percussion [Ittisels, Sertasizem (Obe), Papali], Bongos – Owen Marshall
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Charles Owens
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Cha Che Oscar Brashear

Engineer [Recording] – Jim Mooney
Executive-Producer – Gene Russell
Photography By – Jay Powell
Arranged By – Al Hall, Jr. (A3), Calvin Keys (A1, B1 to B3), David Durrah (A2)

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