Caldera – Sky Islands (1977)

Sky Islands is the second album by American Latin-jazz/rock ensemble Caldera, released in 1977 on Capitol.

A1. “Sky Islands” (6:17)
A2. “Ancient Source” (4:50)
A3. “It Used to Be” (1:13)
A4. “Pegasus” (4:59)
B1. “Carnavalito” (4:51)
B2. “Seraphim (Angel)” (4:46)
B3. “Indigo Fire” (1:06)
B4. “Triste” (6:50)
B5. “Pescador (Fisherman)” (1:17)

Jorge Strunz — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, producer, writer
Eduardo del Barrio — piano, electric piano, synthesizer, Moog, producer, writer
Steve Tavaglione — flute, alto flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Mike Azeredo — congas, percussion, writer
Carlos Vega — drums
Dean Cortez — electric bass
Héctor Andrade — timbales, congas, percussion
Larry Dunn — synthesizer, producer, writer
Robertinho Silva — percussion
Ray Armando — percussion
Steve Barrio, Jr. — percussion
Irma Neumann — violin
Paul Shure — violin
Harry Bluestone — violin
Marshall Sosson — violin
Bonnie Douglas — violin
Nathan Ross — violin
Jack Pepper — violin
Anatol Kaminsky — violin
Louis Kievman — viola
Janet Lakatos — viola
Fred Seykora — cello
Selene Hurford — cello
Larkin Arnold — producer
Shusei Nagaoka — cover art
Ernesto Herrera — lyrics
Dianne Reeves — vocals
Chester Thompson — drums
Ralph Humphrey — flugelhorn
Ralph Rickert — flugelhorn

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