Café Jacques ‎– International (1978)

International is the second of two albums by Scottish art-pop/soul trio Café Jacques, released in 1978 on Epic/Columbia and produced by Rupert Hine. The album features nine collectively-penned originals in addition to a cover of the 1933 Harry Warren/Al Dubin chestnut “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” The original European release closes with the lengthy “Medley” while the re-sequenced U.S. issue replaces that track with the shorter “International.”

Musically, the album resembles Hine’s recent output with Quantum Jump and his upcoming production work for Camel on I Can See Your House From Here. Multi-instrumentalist Geoffrey Richardson and Genesis drummer/vocalist Phil Collins reprise their guest roles from the prior album Round the Back.



A1. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (3:08)
A2. “How Easy” (3:54)
A3. “Waiting” (3:46)
A4. “Station of Dreams” (4:21)
A5. “Chanting and Raving” (5:02)
B1. “Can’t Stand Still” (2:59)
B2. “Man in the Meadow” (4:35)
B3. “Knife Edge” (3:15)
B4. “This Way Up” (2:58)
B5. “The Medley*” (6:12)

*”International” (2:52) in U.S.


Chris Thomson — guitar, vocals
Mike Ogletree — drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals
Peter Veitch — keyboards, accordion

Geoffrey Richardson — acoustic guitar, clarinet, fretless bass, guitar, 12-string, flute, mandolin, viola

Phil Collins — percussion
Rupert Hine — production

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