Byzantium ‎– Seasons Changing (1973)

Seasons Changing is the second and final proper album by English symphonic/rustic rockers Byzantium, released in 1973 on A&M.

A1. “What a Coincidence” (3:55)
A2. “My Season’s Changing With the Sun” (2:37)
A3. “Show Me the Way” (4:03)
A4. “I’ll Always Be Your Friend” (4:08)
A5. “October Andy” (5:22)
B. “Something You Said – A Trilogy” (20:42)
Part One: Something You Said
Part Two: I Can See You
— Part Three: Morning

Robin Lamble — guitar, writer, lead vocals, vocals
Stevie Corduner — percussion, shaker, maracas
Jamie Rubinstein — guitar, vocals, bass, lead vocals, electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar, writer
Mick Barakan — guitar, vocals, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, writer, lead guitar
Chas Jankel — lead guitar, electric guitar, vocals, piano, organ, guitar, electric piano, writer

Robin Sylvester — producer, synthesizer
Stuart Taylor — producer
Gregg Jackman — engineer
Roy Baker — engineer
Frank Ricotti — congas, cabasa
B.J. Cole — pedal steel
David Hentschel — synthesizer

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