Burnin Red Ivanhoe ‎– M 144 (1969)

M 144 is the debut album by Danish psych/jam band Burnin Red Ivanhoe, released in 1969 on Sonet.

A1. “Ivanhoe i Brøndbyerne” (3:50)
A2. “Ridder Rød” (3:48)
A3. “Saxophone Piece 1” (2:14)
A4. “Marsfesten” (5:30)
A5. “Antique Peppermint” (4:05)
B1. “Indre landskab” (2:57)
B2. “Jiizlou” (2:38)
B3. “Kaj” (2:41)
B4. “Tingel-tangelmanden” (5:27)
B5. “Læg dig kun ned” (3:33)
B6. “Saxophone Piece 2” (1:50)
C1. “Medardus” (6:34)
C2. “Purple Hearts” (5:40)
C3. “Larsens” (3:32)
C4. “Oyizl” (8:32)
D1. “Ivanhoe in the Woods” (5:12)
D2. “Ida Verlaine” (4:15)
D3. “Sensitive Plant” (3:18)
D4. “Inside” (2:45)
D5. “Ksilioy” (10:35)

Steen Claësson — guitar, vocals, violin, bass
Kim Menzer — harmonica, tenor saxophone, trombone, flute, piano, vocal
Karsten Vogel — alto saxophone, organ, vibraphone, writer, arrangements
Steffen Andersen — bass, double bass
Bo Thrige Andersen — drums
Ole Fick — guitar, vocals
Arne Würgler — bass
Hugh Steinmetz — trumpet
John Tchicai — alto saxophone
Niels Harrit — tenor saxophone
Franz Beckerlee — producer
Burnin Red Ivanhoe — producer
Ivar Rosenberg — recording engineer
Frithioff Johansen — cover design
Mads Winding — bass, double bass
Niels Erik Wille — writer

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