Bulldog Breed ‎– Made in England (1969)

Made in England is the sole longplayer by English rock/freakbeat band Bulldog Breed, released in 1969 on Deram.

A1. “Paper Man” (3:20)
A2. “Sheba’s Broomstick Ride” (2:22)
A3. “I Flew” (2:44)
A4. “Eileen’s Haberdashery Store” (2:46)
A5. “Folder Men” (2:36)
A6. “Dougal” (2:26)
A7. “When the Sun Stands Still” (2:44)
B1. “Reborn” (2:31)
B2. “Friday Hill” (3:09)
B3. “Silver” (2:05)
B4. “You” (2:32)
B5. “Top o’ the Pops Cock ?!?!” (2:06)
B6. “Revenge” (2:15)
B7. “Austin Osmanspare” (2:54)

1969 shortplayer:
A. “Halo In My Hair” / B. “Portcullis Gate

Rod Harrison — performer
Robin Hunt — performer
Bernie Jinks — performer
Louie Farrell — performer

John Christian Dee — producer
Philip Wade — engineer

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