Buckingham Nicks – Buckingham Nicks (1973)

Buckingham Nicks is the first and only duo album from American musical partners Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, released in 1973 on Polydor. A year after the album’s release, the pair joined Fleetwood Mac and rode that nameplate to global fame.

A1. “Crying in the Night” (2:58)
A2. “Stephanie” (2:12)
A3. “Without a Leg to Stand On” (2:09)
A4. “Crystal” (3:41)
A5. “Long Distance Winner” (4:50)
B1. “Don’t Let Me Down Again” (3:52)
B2. “Django” (1:02)
B3. “Races Are Run” (4:14)
B4. “Lola (My Love)” (3:44)
B5. “Frozen Love” (7:16)

Lindsey Buckingham — vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, writer
Stevie Nicks — vocals, writer
Jorge Calderón — percussion
Richard Hallagan — string arrangements
Gary Hodge — drums, percussion
Jim Keltner — drums
Peggy Sandvic — keyboards
Jerry Scheff — bass
Monty Stark — synthesizer
Mark Tulin — bass
Ronnie Tutt — drums
Keith Olsen — producer, engineer
Lee Lasseff — executive producer
Richard Dashut — engineer
Jimmy Wachtel — photography, design
Lorrie Sullivan — photography
Waddy Wachtel — guitar
John Lewis — writer

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