Bubu ‎– Anabelas (1978)

Anabelas is an album by Argentinian symphonic-rock band Bubu, released in 1978 on EMI.

A. “El Cortejo de un día amarillo” (19:25)*
-a. Danza de las Atlántides
-b. Locomotora Blues
B1. “El Viaje de Anabelas” (11:12)**
B2. “Sueños de maniquí” (9:16)

*(:33–2:28–7:29–9:15, 10:40–14:04–15:42–19:19)

Sergio Polizzi — violin
Cecilia Tenconi — flute, piccolo, bass flute
Win Fortsman — tenor saxophone, lyrics
Petty Guelache — lead vocals
Eduardo Rogatti — guitar, effects
Edguardo “Fleke” Folino — bass, effects
Eduardo “Polo” Corbella — drums, percussion

Daniel Andreoli — composition, arrangements
Mario Kirlis — piano
Sergio Blostein — music supervisor
Carlos Felipe Fernández — cover design, graphic design
Luis “D’Artagnan” Sarmiento — art direction
Tito Huber — engineer
José Soler — engineer
Carlos García — engineer
Charly López — engineer

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