Bruford ‎– One of a Kind (1979)

One of a Kind is the second album by English jazz-rock quartet Bruford, released in 1979 on EG Records.

A1. “Hell’s Bell’s” (3:32)
A2. “One of a Kind, Part 1” (2:20)
A3. “One of a Kind, Part 2” (4:00)
A4. “Travels With Myself – and Someone Else” (6:12)
A5. “Fainting in Coils” (6:23)
B1. “Five G” (4:41)
B2. “The Abingdon Casp” (4:50)
B3. “Forever Until Sunday” (5:46)
B4. “The Sahara of Snow, Part 1” (5:18)
B5. “The Sahara of Snow, Part 2” (3:23)

Jeff Berlin — bass, vocals, writer
Allan Holdsworth — guitar, writer
Bill Bruford — drums, producer, writer
Dave Stewart — keyboards, writer

Steve W. Tayler — engineer, assistant producer

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