Brocas Helm ‎– Into Battle (1984)

Into Battle is the debut album by American metal band Brocas Helm, released in 1984 on Steamhammer/FSR.

A1. “Metallic Fury” (3:21)
A2. “Into Battle” (3:52)
A3. “Here to Rock” (3:02)
A4. “Beneath a Haunted Moon” (3:45)
A5. “Warriors of the Dark” (2:50)
A6. “Preludious” (1:51)
B1. “Ravenwreck” (3:24)
B2. “Dark Rider” (5:23)
B3. “Night Siege” (4:11)
B4. “Into the Ithilstone” (4:34)

Bass – James Schumacher
Drums – Jack Hays
Guitar – Bobbie Wright
Producer – Dough Reid
Vocals – Bobbie Wright

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