Brian Eno ‎– Before and After Science (1977)

Before and After Science is an album by English musician Brian Eno, released in 1977 on Island.

A1. No One Receiving (3:41)
A2. Backwater (3:42)
A3. Kurt’s Rejoinder (2:53)
A4. Energy Fools the Magician (2:03)
A5. King’s Lead Hat (3:57)
B1. Here He Comes (5:39)
B2. Julie With… (6:24)
B3. By This River (3:01)
B4. Through Hollow Lands (4:15)
B5. Spider and I (4:25)

Brian Eno — synthesizer, vocals, percussion, guitar, piano, brass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, vibraphone, Moog, mini moog, bells, producer, songwriting, design
Percy Jones — fretless bass, arrangements, bass guitar
Paul Rudolph — bass guitar, rhythm guitar
Phil Collins — drums
Jaki Liebezeit — drums
Dave Mattacks — drums
Shirley Williams — timbales, performer
Fred Frith — guitar, arrangements
Andy Fraser — drums
Robert Fripp — guitar
Phil Manzanera — rhythm guitar, guitar
Moebius — fender rhodes electric piano, songwriting
Hans-Joachim Roedelius — grand piano, electric piano, songwriting
Bill MacCormick — bass guitar
Brian Turrington — bass guitar
Rhett Davies — gong, producer, engineer

Conny Plank — engineer
Kurt Schwitters — voice

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