Brian Bennett ‎– Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) (1978)

Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) is an electro/space-funk album by English musician/composer Brian Bennett, released in 1978 on DJM. In 1980, an alternate version of the album entitled Fantasia was issued with retitled-yet-identical tracks on library-specialty label Bruton.

Tracklist (Voyage):
A1. “Voyage
A2. “Solstice
A3. “Chain Reaction
B1. “Pendulum Force
B2. “Air Quake”
B3. “Ocean Glide”

Tracklist (Fantasia):
A1. “Fantastic Journey” (6:17)
A2. “Discovery” (6:11)
A3. “Shuttlecraft” (6:53)
B1. “Cloning” (6:24)
B2. “Tracer” (4:10)
B3. “A New World” (6:34)

Francis Monkman — keyboards, synthesizer, programming
Alan Jones — bass
Brian Bennett — percussion, arranger, producer

Dick Plant — engineer
Barry Kidd — assistant engineer
Roy Simpson Ltd. — sleeve design

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