Bread Love and Dreams ‎– Amaryllis (1971)

Amaryllis is the third and final album by Scottish folk-rock trio Bread Love and Dreams, released in 1971 on Decca.

A1. “Amaryllis” (21:46)*
B1. “Time’s the Thief” (4:46)
B2. “My Stair-Cupboard at 3 A.M.” (3:34)
B3. “Brother John” (4:03)
B4. “Circle of the Night” (3:17)

*(:01-2:23-3:45-5:00-/6:23-7:55/7:58-12:12/12:15-14:44-15:57, 17:36-21:35)

David McNiven — vocals, guitar
Angie Rew — vocals, guitar, percussion
Dave Richmond — bass
Danny Thompson — string bass
Terry Cox — drums
Alan Trajan — organ, piano
Ray Horricks — producer
Derek Varnals — engineer

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