Brand X ‎– Product (1979)

Product is the fourth studio album by English jazz-rock operative Brand X, released in 1979 on Charisma/Passport. The songs were recorded during a prolific series of sessions that would also produce the band’s two subsequent longplayers, Do They Hurt? and Is There Anything About?

A1. “Don’t Make Waves” (5:31)
A2. “Dance of the Illegal Aliens” (7:50)
A3. “Soho” (3:44)
A4. “Not Good Enough-See Me!” (7:30)
B1. “Algon (Where an Ordinary Cup of Drinking Chocolate Costs L8,000,000,000)” (6:10)
B2. “Rhesus Perplexus” (4:01)
B3. “Wal To Wal” (3:14)
B4. “…And So to F…” (6:28)
B5. “April” (2:08)

Keyboards, Sounds [Gunfire, Chainsaw] – Robin Lumley
Guitar – John Goodsall
Bass – John Giblin
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Phil Collins
Drums – Mike Clark (A2, A4)
Percussion – Morris Pert (A2, A4)

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