Brainstorm ‎– Smile a While (1972)

Smile a While is the first of two albums by German jazz-rock band Brainstorm, released in 1972 on Spiegelei.

A1. “Das Schwein trügt” (4:35)
A2. “Zwick zwack” (4:35)
A3. “Watch Time Flow By” (1:24)
A4. “Bosco Biati weiß alles” (8:51)
B1. “Snakeskin Tango” (2:15)
B2. “Smile a While” (15:18 — 0:01-9:50, 12:14-15:31)
B3. “You Are What’s Gonna Make It Last” (3:27)
B4. “Don’t Forget” (0:23)

Roland Schaeffer — clarinet, bass, guitar, saxophone, electric piano, double bass
Rainer Bodensohn — bass, flute
Eddy von Overheidt — organ, electric piano
Joachim Koinzer — drums, percussion

Peter Lüdemann — engineer
Sebastian Salm — assistant engineer

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