Boz Scaggs ‎– Silk Degrees (1976)

Silk Degrees is the seventh album by American blue-eyed soul singer Boz Scaggs, released in 1976 on Columbia Records.

A1. “What Can I Say” (2:59)
A2. “Georgia” (3:54)
A3. “Jump Street” (5:10)
A4. “What Do You Want the Girl to Do” (3:49)
A5. “Harbor Lights” (5:55)
B1. “Lowdown” (5:15)
B2. “It’s Over” (2:48)
B3. “Love Me Tomorrow” (3:14)
B4. “Lido Shuffle” (3:40)
B5. “We’re All Alone” (4:10)

Boz Scaggs — vocals, background vocals, writer
David Paich — keyboards, arranger, mini moog, arp explorer, Moog, writer
Jeff Porcaro — drums, timbales
David Hungate — bass
Fred Tackett — guitar, rhythm guitar
Louie Shelton — guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar
Jim Horn — horns, tenor saxophone
Tom Scott — horns
Plas Johnson — horns, tenor saxophone, saxophone
Chuck Findley — horns, flugelhorn
Bud Shank — horns, saxophone
Dick Hyde — horns
Paul Hubinon — horns
Vincent DeRosa — horns
Sid Sharp — concertmaster
Joe Wissert — producer
Joe Porcaro — percussion
Carolyn Willis — background vocals
Marty McCall — background vocals
Jim Gilstrap — background vocals
Augie Johnson — background vocals
Les Dudek — slide guitar
Maxine Green — background vocals
Pepper Swenson — background vocals

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