Boz Scaggs ‎– Down Two Then Left (1977)

Down Two Then Left is the eighth solo album by American singer/musician Boz Scaggs, released in 1977 on Columbia.

A1. Still Falling for You (3:55)
A2. Hard Times (4:30)
A3. A Clue (3:58)
A4. Whatcha Gonna Tell Your Man (3:54)
A5. We’re Waiting (6:23)
B1. Hollywood (3:10)
B2. Then She Walked Away (4:06)
B3. Gimme the Goods (4:15)
B4. 1993 (4:04)
B5. Tomorrow Never Came / Reprise (4:36)

Boz Scaggs — vocals, writer, backing vocals, guitar, solo
Michael Omartian — arrangements, conductor, keyboards, accordion, marimba, writer
Scott Edwards — bass
Jeff Porcaro — drums, timbales
Jay Graydon — guitar, solo
Ray Parker Jr. — guitar
Barbara Korn — horns
Chuck Findley — horns, flugelhorn
Dana Hughes — horns
David Duke — horns
Don Menza — horns
Ernie Watts — horns
Fred Selden — horns
Steve Madaio — horns
Carolyn Willis — backing vocals, vocals
David Hungate — bass
Bobbye Hall — bongos, congas
Jim Gilstrap — backing vocals
John Lehman — backing vocals
Zedric Turnbough — backing vocals
Victor Feldman — claves, vibraphone
Phyllis St. James — backing vocals
Roy Galloway — backing vocals
Venetta Fields — backing vocals
Steve Lukather — guitar
Bobby King — backing vocals
Eldridge King — backing vocals
Terry Evans — backing vocals
Alan Estes — congas
Jai Winding — writer, piano
Julia Waters — backing vocals
Myrna Matthews — backing vocals
James Haas — backing vocals
Stan Farber — backing vocals

Joe Wissert — producer
Tom Perry — engineer

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