Boxer ‎– Below the Belt (1975)

Below the Belt is the debut album by English hard-rock supergroup Boxer, released in 1975 on Virgin. The album marked the third pairing between vocalist Mike Patto and guitarist Ollie Halsall, who had previously played together in the bands Timebox and Patto. Ex-Koobas/Van der Graaf Generator bassist Keith Ellis and erstwhile May Blitz/Three Man Army drummer Tony Newman rounded out the foursome.

Side two contains a second version of Halsall’s “Waiting for a Miracle,” which he cut a year earlier with the band Tempest on the album Living in Fear.

A1. “Shooting Star” (3:59)
A2. “All the Time in the World” (4:27)
A3. “California Calling” (4:45)
A4. “Hip Kiss” (2:58)
A5. “More Than Meets the Eye” (5:25)
B1. “Waiting for a Miracle” (5:06)
B2. “Loony Ali” (3:58)
B3. “Save Me” (3:35)
B4. “Gonna Work Out Fine” (5:57)
B5. “Town Drunk” (5:17)

1975 b-side:
11. “Don’t Wait” (3:13)

Mike Patto — vocals, keyboards
Ollie Halsall — guitar, keyboards
Keith Ellis — bass guitar
Tony Newman — drums

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