Boxer – Absolutely (1977)

Absolutely is the third-recorded/second-issued album by English hard-rock supergroup Boxer, released in 1977 on Epic.


A1. “Fool in Love” (4:03)
A2. “Red Light Flyer” (3:31)
A3. “Big Lucy” (3:49)
A4. “No Reply” (5:20)
B1. “Can’t Stand What You Do” (3:54)
B2. “As God’s My Judge” (3:10)
B3. “Rich Man’s Daughter” (4:04)
B4. “Everybody’s a Star (So What’s in a Name)” (4:43)
B5. “Hand on Your Heart” (4:43)

Mike Patto – lead vocals, piano
Adrian Fisher – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Tim Bogert – bass, backing vocals
Eddie Tuduri – drums

Producer – Jeff Glixman

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