Bow Wow Wow ‎– When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (1983)

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going is the second proper album by English New Wave/tribal-rock foursome Bow Wow Wow, produced by Mike Chapman and released in 1983 on RCA Victor.

A1. “Aphrodisiac” (2:58)
A2. “Do You Wanna Hold Me?” (3:14)
A3. “Roustabout” (2:20)
A4. “Lonesome Tonight” (2:47)
A5. “Love Me” (3:28)
A6. “What’s the Time (Hey Buddy)” (3:06)
B1. “Mario (Your Own Way to Paradise)” (2:54)
B2. “Quiver (Arrows in My)” (3:14)
B3. “The Man Mountain” (2:26)
B4. “Rikki Dee” (3:02)
B5. “Tommy Tucker” (2:44)
B6. “Love, Peace and Harmony” (2:50)

Leigh Gorman – bass
Annabella Lwin – vocals
Dave Barbarossa- drums
Matthew Ashman – guitar

Producer Mike Chapman

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