Blossom Toes – We are Ever so Clean (1967)

We are Ever so Clean is the first of two albums by English pop/psych foursome the Blossom Toes, released in 1967 on Marmalade/Polydor.

A1. “Look at Me I’m You” (4:09)
A2. “I’ll Be Late for Tea” (2:38)
A3. “The Remarkable Saga of the Frozen Dog” (2:35)
A4. “Telegram Tuesday” (2:28)
A5. “Love Is” (2:22)
A6. “What’s It For” (2:49)
A7. “People of the Royal Parks” (2:12)
B1. “What on Earth” (2:47)
B2. “Mrs. Murphy’s Budgericar” (2:34)
B3. “I Will Bring You This and That” (2:50)
B4. “Mister Watchmaker” (2:12)
B5. “When the Alarm Clock Rings” (2:15)
B6. “The Intrepid Balloonist’s Handbook, Volume One” (2:05)
B7. “You” (2:37)
B8. “Track for Speedy Freaks (Or Instant LP Digest)” (1:18)

Big Brian Known as Scarlet (Brian Belshaw — bass, vocals)
Jim Known as Bartholomew (Jim Cregan — guitar, vocals)
Little Brian Known as Wellington (Brian Godding — guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Kevin Known as Plod (Kevin Westlake — drums)

Giorgio Gomelsky — producer
David Whittaker — orchestration

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