Bloodrock – Whirlwind Tongues (1974)

Whirlwind Tongues is the sixth and final album by American hard-rock band Bloodrock, released in 1974 on Capitol.

A1. “It’s Gonna Be Love” (3:19)
A2. “Sunday Song” (4:21)
A3. “Parallax” (3:40)
A4. “Voices” (3:40)
A5. “Eleanor Rigby” (3:10)
B1. “Stilled by Whirlwind Tongues” (5:35)
B2. “Guess What I Am” (2:56)
B3. “Lady of Love” (3:56)
B4. “Jungle” (4:32)

Warren Ham — vocals, flute, saxophone, harmonica, writer, lyrics
Stevie Hill — keyboards, synthesizer, melodica, writer
Nick Taylor — guitar, writer
Ed Grundy — bass guitar, producer
R. Cobb III — drums, percussion, lyrics, layout
Randy Reeder — percussion
William M. Ham — lead guitar, writer, orchestration
Peter Granet — producer

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