Blondie – Parallel Lines (1978)

Parallel Lines is the third album by American New Wave band Blondie, released in September 1978 on Chrysalis. It was their first of four albums as a six-piece with the addition of guitarist Frank Infante and English bassist Nigel Harrison.

A1. “Hanging on the Telephone” (2:17)
A2. “One Way or Another” (3:31)
A3. “Picture This” (2:53)
A4. “Fade Away and Radiate” (3:57)
A5. “Pretty Baby” (3:16)
A6. “I Know but I Don’t Know” (3:53)
B1. “11:59” (3:19)
B2. “Will Anything Happen?” (2:55)
B3. “Sunday Girl” (3:01)
B4. “Heart of Glass” (3:54)
B5. “I’m Gonna Love You Too” (2:03)
B6. “Just Go Away” (3:21)

Deborah Harry – vocals
Chris Stein – guitar, 12-string guitar, E-bow
Clem Burke – drums
Jimmy Destri – electronic keyboards
Nigel Harrison – bass guitar
Frank Infante – guitar

Mike Chapman – production, backing vocals (A1)
Pete Coleman – engineering and assisting production


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