Blanket of Secrecy ‎– Ears Have Walls (1982)

Ears Have Walls is the lone album by phantom English art-pop trio Blanket of Secrecy, released in 1982 on Warner Bros. Vocalist/guitarist “Tinker” was later revealed to be former Easy Street co-head Peter Marsh. Bassist “Tailor” turned out to be veteran soundman Andy Howell, whose prior engineering credits include albums by The Jam, Elvis Costello, Squeeze, and Lene Lovich.

A1. “Say You Will” (4:03)
A2. “Young Hearts” (3:42)
A3. “Love Me Too” (2:46)
A4. “Remember Me and You” (3:24)
A5. “Long Cool Glass” (3:35)
A6. “Photograph” (4:40)
B1. “Yo-Yo” (3:19)
B2. “Close to Me” (4:16)
B3. “Something I Don’t Need” (3:02)
B4. “Tell Me Baby” (3:29)
B5. “Lovers” (4:52)
B6. “B.O.S. Theme” (3:24)

Tinker — vocals, guitar
Soldier — keyboards, backing vocals
Tailor — bass, backing vocals

Blanket of Secrecy — producer
Roger Bechirian — director
Rob Keyloch — engineer
Paul Cobbold — engineer
Arun Chakraverty — mastering
Heeps Willard — cover art
Brian Griffin — photography
Hogg [Dave Burnand] — saxophone

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