Blåkulla – Blåkulla (1975)

Blåkulla is an album by the namesake Swedish symphonic/hard-rock band, released in 1975 on Anette.

A1. “Frigivningen” (1:33)
A2. “Sirenernas sång” (6:05)
A3. “Idealet” (3:44)
A4. “De får la stå öppet tess vidare” (1:47)
A5. “Maskinsång” (5:16)
B1. “I solnedgången” (4:53)
B2. “Drottningholmsmusiken” (2:20)
B3. “Världens gång” (1:53)
B4. “Erinran” (10:36)

CD reissue bonus tracks:
10. “Mars” (7:46)
11. “Linnea” (5:49)
12. “Idolen” (6:41)

Bass – Hannes Råstam, Steinar Arnason (10 to 12)
Drums – Tomas Olsson
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Mats Öhberg
Organ, Piano – Bo Ferm
Vocals, Chimes – Dennis Lindegren

Producer – Blåkulla, Bob Lander


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