BlackSmoke ‎– BlackSmoke (1976)

BlackSmoke is the lone album by the namesake American funk operative — alternately credited as Smoke — released in 1976 on Chocolate City.

A1. “Gotta Bad Feeling” (3:10)
A2. “Screamin’” (3:00)
A3. “Turn This Thing Around” (4:01)
A4. “There It Is” (3:06)
A5. “I Don’t Care (What You Do)” (3:29)
B1. “You Needn’t Worry Now” (5:04)
B2. “What Goes Around Comes Around” (3:01)
B3. “Sunshine, Roses and Rainbows” (3:27)
B4. “Freedom of the Mind” (5:17)

Wayne Henderson — producer, mixing engineer
F. Byron Clark — recording engineer, mixing engineer
Michael Fisher — songwriter, guitar, background vocals, lead vocals
Anthony Fisher — bass, background vocals, lead vocals
Arnold N. Riggs Jr. — lead vocals, background vocals
Raymond Genovese — drums
Rodney Thompson — electric piano, arp synthesizer, background vocals, organ, Clavinet, piano —
Bradford Henry Thoelke III — bass trombone, background vocals
Clifford J. Ervin — trumpet, flugel horn, background vocals
Buddy McDaniel — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, background vocals

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