Black Sabbath ‎– Never Say Die! (1978)

Never Say Die! is the eighth album by English metal band Black Sabbath, released in 1978 on Warner Bros.

A1. “Never Say Die” (3:47)
A2. “Johnny Blade” (6:27)
A3. “Junior’s Eyes” (6:41)
A4. “A Hard Road” (6:03)
B1. “Shock Wave” (5:13)
B2. “Air Dance” (5:15)
B3. “Over to You” (5:21)
B4. “Breakout” (2:36)
B5. “Swinging the Chain” (4:18)

Tony Iommi — guitar, composer, backing vocals
Geezer Butler — bass, composer, backing vocals
Bill Ward — composer, lead vocals, backing vocals
Ozzy Osbourne — lead vocals, composer

Don Airey — keyboards
Dave “DW” Harris — engineer
Hipgnosis — sleeve design
John Elstar — harmonica
Wil Malone — brass arrangements

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