Birthright ‎– Free Spirits (1974)

Free Spirits is the first of two albums by American post-bop/spiritual-jazz ensemble Birthright, released in 1974 on Freelance.

A1. “Nano” (11:44)
A2. “Do You Know Where Your Children Are?” (1:30)
A3. “Tangerine (For Muhammed)” (7:29)
B1. “Jowcol (To the Life, Memory and Spirit of John Coltrane)” (11:02)
B2. “Free Spirits” (10:33)

Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass – Jim Kurzdorfer
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Joe Ford
Drums – Nasara Abadey
Electric Piano – Joe Ford (B2), Onaje Allen Gumbs
Piano – Jimmy Manuel (A1 to A3), Onaje Allen Gumbs (B1)
Tenor Saxophone – Paul Gresham

Executive-Producer – Adedoyin Kuti

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