Birth Control – Plastic People (1975)

Plastic People is the fifth studio album by German symphonic/hard-rock band Birth Control, released in 1975 on CBS.

A1. “Plastic People” (10:54)
A2. “Tiny Flashlights” (7:33)
A3. “My Mind” (6:49)
B1. “Rockin’ Rollin’ Roller” (5:43)
B2. “Trial Trip” (6:43)
B3. “This Song Is Just for You” (7:28)

Peter Foeller — bass guitar, vocals, vibraphone
Bruno Frenzel — guitar, backing vocals, string arrangements
Zeus B. Held — keyboards, backing vocals, effects, tenor saxophone, string arrangements, brass arrangements, trumpet
Bernd Noske (Nossi) — drums, percussion, effects, vocals

Peter Lorenz — cover art
Birth Control — producer, arranger
Robert Camis De Fonseca — effects
Jochen von Grumbkow — cello, strings
Christoph Noppeney — viola, strings
Friedemann Leinert — flute

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