Birth Control ‎– Increase (1977)

Increase is the seventh studio album by German hard rock band Birth Control, released in 1977 on Brain.

A1. “Skate-Board Sue” (3:55)
A2. “Domino’s Hammock” (4:52)
A3. “Fight for You” (4:35)
A4. “Until the Night” (6:25)
B1. “Get Up!” (4:35)
B2. “We All Thought We Knew You” (7:50)
B3. “Seems My Bike’s Riding Me” (8:00)

Bass Guitar – Horst
Guitar – Bruno
Synthesizer [Poly- Moog], Piano [Fender], Organ [Hammond C3], Clavinet [Hohner D 6], Alto Saxophone – Zeus
Tom Tom [Concert-toms], Triangle, Vibraslap [Vibroslap], Percussion [Flexitone & Other Percussions], Bells – Manfred
Vocals, Drums, Vibraphone [Vibes] – Nossi

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