Birdsongs of the Mesozoic ‎– Magnetic Flip (1984)

Magnetic Flip is the debut album by American classical/rock combo Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, released in 1984 on Ace of Hearts.

A1. “Shiny Golden Snakes” (3:00)
A2. “Ptoccata” (3:15)
A3. “(Excerpts From) The Rite of Spring” (6:42)
A4. “International Tours” (2:50)
A5. “Terry Riley’s House” (3:57)
B1. “Theme from Rocky and Bullwinkle” (1:26)
B2. “The Tyger” (3:17)
B3. “The Fundamental” (2:45)
B4. “Bridge Underwater” (5:20)
B5. “Chen/The Arousing” (2:08)
B6. “Final Motif” (3:58)

Erik Lindgren — synthesizer, percussion, songwriter
Roger Miller — piano, organ, percussion, songwriter (A1, A5, B3-B5)
Rick Scott — piano, Farfisa, synthesizer, percussion, songwriter
Martin Swope — guitar, percussion, songwriter

Richard W. Harte — producer
Jeff Whitehead — engineering, mixing
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic — mixing
Allan Chase — saxophone
Tom Hall — saxophone
Cercie Miller — saxophone
Michael Cohen — drums, percussion
Steve Adams — saxophone
Taki — talking drum
Igor Stravinsky — composer (A3)

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