Billy Thorpe ‎– Million Dollar Bill (1975)

Million Dollar Bill is an album by Australian rock guitarist Billy Thorpe, released in 1975 on Infinity.

A1. “Back on the Street Again” (4:54)
A2. “Drive My Car” (3:28)
A3. “I Really Miss You” (4:20)
A4. “It’s Almost Summer” (3:01)
A5. “Do the Best You Can” (4:25)
B1. “Theme From Million Dollar Bill” (4:55)
B2. “Mama Told Her” (3:21)
B3. “Standin’ Too Close to the Fire” (6:06)
B4. “Don’t Need No Protection” (3:41)

Billy Thorpe — vocals, guitar
Gil Matthews — drums, percussion
Billy Kristian — bass
Warren Morgan — keyboards
Jack Hotop — fender rhodes

William Motzing — synthesizer, horn arrangements, string arrangements, vocal arrangements
Peter Dawkins — bongos, producer
Kerrie Biddell, Janice Slater, Alison MacCallum — vocals
John Lyle, Julie Batty, Klara Korda, Della Woods, Frank Coe, Alice Waten, R. Ingram, Gordon Bennett, Phillip Hartl — violin
David Pereira, H. Gyors, Robert W. Miller, Vanessa Butters, Frederick McKay, L. Kuring —
“Boof” Thompsen, Mike Cleary, Mike Bukovsky, Ed D’Amico, Keith Dubber — trumpet
Tony Buchanan, Don Wright — saxophone
Bob McIvor, George Brodbeck, Ken Herron — trombone
John Fetter — guitar
“J.C.” Trevisano — congas

Gerry Stevens — engineer
Jo Hansch — mastering engineer

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