Billy Paul – War of the Gods (1973)

War of the Gods is an album by American soul singer Billy Paul, released in 1973 on Philadelphia International Records.

A1. “I See the Light” (6:13)
A2. “War of the Gods” (10:07)
B1. “The Whole Town’s Talking” (4:46)
B2. “I Was Married” (7:19)
B3. “Thanks for Saving My Life” (2:58)
B4. “Peace Holy Peace” (6:53)

Billy Paul — lead vocals, backing vocals
Bobby Eli — guitar
Bunny Sigler — guitar, songwriter
David Bay — guitar
Norman Harris — guitar
Roland Chambers — guitar
Eddie Green — piano
Leon Huff — piano, producer, songwriter
Vincent Montana, Jr. — vibraphone
Anthony Jackson — bass
Ronnie Baker — bass
Earl Young — drums
Norman Farrington — drums
Lenny Pakula — organ, arranger
Don Renaldo — strings, horns
Larry Washington — congas
Carla Benson — background vocals
Evette Benton — background vocals
Barbara Ingram — background vocals
MFSB — backing band
Kenneth Gamble — producer, songwriter
Joe Tarsia — engineer
Dandridge Choral Ensemble — guest, vocals
Bobby Martin — arranger
Cary Gilbert — songwriter
Joannie Arc — songwriter

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