Billy Joel – 52nd Street (1978)

52nd Street is the sixth album by Billy Joel, released in 1978 on Columbia.

A1. “Big Shot” (4:01)
A2. “Honesty” (3:50)
A3. “My Life” (4:43)
A4. “Zanzibar” (5:10)
B1. “Stiletto” (4:39)
B2. “Rosalinda’s Eyes” (4:40)
B3. “Half a Mile Away” (4:06)
B4. “Until the Night” (6:35)
B5. “52nd Street” (2:27)

Billy Joel – acoustic piano, Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, vocals
Doug Stegmeyer – bass, backing vocals
Liberty DeVitto – drums
Richie Cannata – saxophones, organ, clarinet
Steve Khan – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Freddie Hubbard – flugelhorn and trumpet (A4)
Mike Mainieri – vibes and marimba (A4, B2)
David Spinozza – acoustic guitar (A2)
Donnie Dacus and Peter Cetera – background vocals (A3)
David Freidman – orchestral chimes and percussion (B4)
Ralph MacDonald – percussion (B2, B3)
Eric Gale – electric guitar (B3)
Frank Floyd, Babi Floyd, Zack Sanders, Milt Grayson and Ray Simpson – background vocals (B3)
George Marge – sopranino recorder (B2)
Hugh McCracken – nylon string guitar (B2, B4)
Robert Freedman – horn and string orchestration (A2, B4)
Dave Grusin – horn orchestration (B3)
David Nadien – concertmaster
Phil Ramone – producer, mixing

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