Bill Nelson’s Red Noise ‎– Sound on Sound (1979)

Sound-on-Sound is the sole album by Bill Nelson’s Red Noise, the guitarist/vocalist’s makeshift combo between the fold of Be-Bop Deluxe and the launch of his solo career. The album was produced by John Leckie and released in 1979 on EMI’s Harvest imprint.

A1. “Don’t Touch Me (I’m Electric)” (1:50)
A2. “For Young Moderns” (4:24)
A3. “Stop/Go/Stop” (3:09)
A4. “Furniture Music” (3:30)*
A5. “Radar in My Heart” (1:36)
A6. “Stay Young” (3:11)
B1. “Out of Touch” (3:29)
B2. “A Better Home in the Phantom Zone” (4:26)
B3. “Substitute Flesh” (3:28)
B4. “The Atom Age” (3:01)
B5. “Art/Empire/Industry” (2:44)
B6. “Revolt into Style” (3:23)

Acquitted by Mirrors
Wonder Toys That Last Forever

Bill Nelson — drums, mini moog, bass, harmonica, electric piano, percussion, vocoder, producer, writer, vocals, guitar, photography
Richard Ford — bass
Andy Clark — grand piano, mini moog, organ, synthesiser
Ian Nelson — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, synthesiser, saxophone, Wurlitzer, clarinet

John Leckie — producer, engineer
Bishin Jumonji — photography
Cream — graphic design, layout
Dave Mattacks — drums, electronic drums, percussion

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