Bill Nelson ‎– Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam (1981)

Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam is an album by English multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Bill Nelson, released in 1981 on Mercury. Recorded in late 1979, the album stemmed from an abortive second Red Noise project. Musically, the songs here further mine the electro-kinetic modernism first explored on Drastic Plastic and Sound-on-Sound. Four of the songs were released on 7″ and 12″, each with multiple b-sides from assorted 1979–81 sessions that were later compiled on The Two-Fold Aspect of Everything.

A1. “Banal” (3:52)
A2. “Living in My Limousine” (4:10)
A3. “Vertical Games” (3:15)
A4. “Disposable” (5:55)
A5. “False Alarms” (2:50)
A6. “Decline and Fall” (4:43)
B1. “Life Runs Out Like Sand” (5:23)
B2. “A Kind of Loving” (4:15)
B3. “Do You Dream in Colour” (3:46)
B4. “U.H.F.” (4:41)
B5. “Youth of Nation on Fire” (4:05)
B6. “Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam” (3:38)

Bill Nelson — songwriter, performer, producer, sleeve notes
John Leckie — producer

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