Bill Fay ‎– Time of the Last Persecution (1971)

Time of the Last Persecution is the second of two 20th century albums by English singer/songwriter Bill Fay, co-produced by Ray Russell and released in 1971 on Deram.

A1. “Omega Day” (3:14)
A2. “Don’t Let My Marigolds Die” (2:26)
A3. “I Hear You Calling” (2:57)
A4. “Dust Filled Room” (2:03)
A5. “‘Til the Christ Come Back” (3:08)
A6. “Release Is in the Eye” (2:41)
A7. “Laughing Man” (3:15)
B1. “Inside the Keepers Pantry” (2:29)
B2. “Tell It Like It Is” (2:32)
B3. “Plan D” (3:12)
B4. “Pictures of Adolf Again” (2:27)
B5. “Time of the Last Persecution” (3:54)
B6. “Come a Day” (2:27)
B7. “Let All the Other Teddies Know” (2:31)

Bill Fay — Vocals, piano
Ray Russell — Guitar
Alan Rushton — Drums
Darryl Runswick — Bass
Nick Evans — Trombone

Producer Ray Russell & Bill Fay

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